Who are the main customers of Airbus?

Airbus is one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world, known for producing highly advanced commercial and military aircraft. With a strong focus on innovation and efficiency, Airbus is constantly striving to meet the demands of its customers and provide them with the best aircraft solutions available.

So, who does Airbus sell to? The answer is quite diverse. Airbus sells its aircraft to a wide range of customers, including airlines, leasing companies, governments, and private individuals. Its customers are spread across all continents and come from different regions, cultures, and backgrounds.

Airbus has a long history of successfully selling its aircraft to major airlines around the globe. These airlines rely on Airbus to provide them with state-of-the-art aircraft that are fuel-efficient, reliable, and comfortable for their passengers. Airbus works closely with these airlines to understand their specific needs and tailor its products to meet their requirements.

In addition to airlines, Airbus also sells its aircraft to leasing companies. These companies purchase aircraft from Airbus and then lease them to airlines on a short-term or long-term basis. Leasing companies play a crucial role in the aviation industry by providing airlines with operational flexibility and helping them manage their fleet efficiently.

Furthermore, Airbus has a strong presence in the defense sector and sells its military aircraft to various governments around the world. These aircraft are used for a wide range of purposes, including surveillance, transport, and combat missions. Airbus works closely with defense authorities to develop aircraft that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of military operations.

Last but not least, Airbus also caters to private individuals who are looking to own their personal aircraft. These individuals, often business executives or high-net-worth individuals, choose Airbus for its luxurious and high-performance aircraft options. Airbus offers a range of models that combine comfort, style, and cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of its discerning private customers.

In conclusion, Airbus sells its aircraft to a diverse range of customers including airlines, leasing companies, governments, and private individuals. By understanding and meeting the specific requirements of each customer segment, Airbus has established itself as a trusted and leading aircraft manufacturer in the global aviation industry.


Airbus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, does sell its products to airlines around the globe. With a diverse range of aircraft models, Airbus provides options for airlines of different sizes and needs. From small regional carriers to large international airlines, Airbus has a wide customer base in the airline industry.

Airlines choose Airbus aircraft for various reasons. First and foremost is the reliability and performance that Airbus aircraft offer. With advanced technology and engineering expertise, Airbus has been able to design and manufacture highly efficient and safe aircraft. Airlines also appreciate the flexibility and customization options that Airbus provides, allowing them to configure the cabins to meet their specific requirements.

Airbus sells its aircraft to both established airlines and new startup carriers. Established airlines often seek to expand their fleet or replace older aircraft with more modern and fuel-efficient models. New startups, on the other hand, may choose Airbus aircraft as their launchpad into the market, benefiting from the reputation and reliability of these aircraft.

Benefits of Airbus Aircraft for Airlines

When airlines choose to purchase Airbus aircraft, they gain access to numerous benefits. For starters, Airbus aircraft are known for their fuel efficiency, which translates into cost savings for the airlines. Additionally, Airbus puts a strong emphasis on passenger comfort, offering spacious interiors, advanced entertainment systems, and quieter cabins.

Another advantage of choosing Airbus is the comprehensive support and maintenance services offered by the company. Airbus provides technical assistance, training programs, and spare parts availability to ensure smooth operations for airlines. This level of support contributes to the overall satisfaction of the airlines and enhances the reliability of their fleet.

The Future of Airbus in the Airline Industry

As the airline industry continues to grow, Airbus aims to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology. The company invests heavily in research and development to improve the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of its aircraft. From developing electric and hybrid aircraft to exploring alternative fuel options, Airbus is committed to shaping the future of aviation.

With its wide range of aircraft models and strong reputation, Airbus is well-positioned to continue selling to airlines worldwide. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction and dedication to delivering high-quality products ensures that Airbus remains a trusted partner for airlines as they navigate the ever-changing aviation landscape.

In conclusion,

Airbus has a strong presence in the airline industry and sells its aircraft to a diverse range of airlines. With its focus on reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction, Airbus continues to be a leading choice for airlines around the world.


Airbus sells its aircraft to various governments around the world. These governments purchase Airbus aircraft for a variety of purposes, including national defense, transportation of government officials, and diplomatic missions.

Benefits for Governments

Governments that choose to purchase Airbus aircraft can benefit from the company’s wide range of aircraft options. Airbus offers both commercial and military aircraft, allowing governments to find the aircraft that best suits their needs. Additionally, Airbus aircraft are known for their reliability and advanced technology, which can enhance a country’s transportation capabilities.


Some of the major government customers of Airbus include:

  • European Union countries, such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom
  • United States
  • China
  • India
  • Russia

These governments have chosen Airbus as their aircraft provider due to the company’s reputation for quality and performance. Additionally, Airbus has a strong presence in these countries, with production and maintenance facilities that cater to their specific needs.

Overall, Airbus continues to sell its aircraft to governments worldwide, providing them with reliable and technologically advanced transportation solutions.

Military Forces

When it comes to military forces, Airbus plays a significant role. The company does not only sell commercial aircraft but also provides various products and services to military organizations around the world.

So, who does Airbus sell to in the military sector? Well, Airbus sells its military aircraft, helicopters, and other defense systems to different countries and military forces. Whether it is fighter jets, transport aircraft, or special mission aircraft, Airbus has a wide range of options.

From large countries with powerful militaries to smaller nations with specific defense requirements, Airbus caters to the needs of various military forces. Some of the customers include countries like the United States, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, among others.

With their advanced technology, reliability, and performance, Airbus military products have gained a reputation for being some of the best in the industry. The company continuously works on developing innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of military forces worldwide.

From providing air superiority to enhancing transport capabilities, Airbus contributes to the defense strategies and operations of numerous countries. Their commitment to delivering high-quality and efficient military solutions has made them a trusted partner for many military forces.

Overall, Airbus plays a vital role in supplying aircraft and defense systems to military forces globally. Their products and services not only meet the needs of different nations but also contribute to strengthening national security and defense capabilities.

Corporate Customers

Airbus sells its aircraft to a wide range of corporate customers around the world. These customers include major airlines, leasing companies, and private jet operators. Airbus provides a variety of aircraft models to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Major airlines often purchase Airbus aircraft to expand their fleet and offer more routes to passengers. These airlines benefit from the fuel efficiency and advanced technology of Airbus aircraft, which can help reduce operating costs and improve overall performance.

Leasing companies play a crucial role in the aviation industry by providing aircraft to airlines on a temporary basis. These companies often choose Airbus aircraft due to their popularity and strong market demand. Leasing companies prioritize aircraft that have a broad customer base, and Airbus models fit this criteria.

Private jet operators also make up a significant portion of Airbus’ corporate customers. These operators may include individuals, corporations, or governments that use private jets for business or personal travel. Airbus offers a range of private jet options, including the luxurious and spacious Airbus ACJ320neo.

In conclusion, Airbus sells its aircraft to a diverse range of corporate customers, including airlines, leasing companies, and private jet operators. By offering a variety of models and excellent performance features, Airbus has established itself as a leading choice for many in the corporate aviation industry.

Leasing Companies

Leasing companies are an important customer base for Airbus. These companies serve as intermediaries between the aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus, and the airlines who ultimately operate the aircraft.

Leasing companies purchase aircraft from manufacturers like Airbus and then lease them to airlines on a long-term basis. This allows airlines to avoid the high upfront costs of purchasing an aircraft and instead make regular lease payments.

Leasing companies often have large fleets of aircraft from various manufacturers, and they can offer airlines a wide range of options when it comes to aircraft type, size, and configuration.

Airbus sells to a variety of leasing companies around the world, including some of the biggest players in the industry like AerCap, Avolon, and Air Lease Corporation. These companies provide a valuable service to airlines by offering flexible and cost-effective leasing solutions.

In addition to leasing new aircraft, some leasing companies also buy used aircraft from airlines and then lease them to other airlines or operators. This helps to extend the life of the aircraft and make it more economically viable for multiple users.

Overall, leasing companies play a critical role in the aviation industry, and their partnerships with manufacturers like Airbus help to ensure that airlines have access to a diverse and efficient fleet of aircraft.

Charter Operators

Charter operators are another key group to whom Airbus sells its aircraft. Charter operators are companies or individuals who offer private air travel services on a charter basis. These operators own or lease aircraft and provide services such as air taxi, executive travel, and private jet charters.

Charter operators often cater to a range of clients, including business travelers, celebrities, sports teams, and high-net-worth individuals. They offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and destinations, allowing clients to travel to their desired locations at their convenience.

When it comes to choosing the right aircraft for their operations, charter operators look for reliable, efficient, and comfortable options. Airbus offers a wide range of aircraft suited for charter operations, including its popular A320 family, A330, and A350 models.

Benefits of Airbus Aircraft for Charter Operators

Airbus aircraft offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for charter operators:

  • Efficiency: Airbus aircraft are known for their fuel efficiency, allowing charter operators to reduce operating costs and offer competitive pricing to their clients.
  • Comfort: Airbus aircraft are designed with passenger comfort in mind, featuring spacious cabins, ergonomic seating, and state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Reliability: Airbus aircraft have a proven track record of reliability, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing aircraft utilization for charter operators.
  • Advanced Technology: Airbus incorporates advanced technology and innovation into its aircraft, providing charter operators with the latest in avionics, navigation systems, and safety features.

Examples of Charter Operators using Airbus Aircraft

Several charter operators around the world rely on Airbus aircraft for their operations. For example:

  • ACM Air Charter: Based in Germany, ACM Air Charter operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft for private jet charters and executive travel services.
  • Royal Jet: Royal Jet, based in Abu Dhabi, operates Airbus A319 and A340 aircraft for luxury private jet charters.
  • Comlux Aviation: Comlux Aviation, headquartered in Switzerland, offers private jet charters with its fleet of Airbus ACJ320neo and ACJ330neo aircraft.

These are just a few examples of the charter operators who choose Airbus aircraft to provide a premium flying experience to their clients.

Private Individuals

While Airbus primarily sells to airlines, the company also caters to private individuals who are interested in owning their own aircraft. These individuals may include wealthy individuals, business executives, celebrities, and high-profile individuals who have a need for private air travel.

Private individuals who purchase aircraft from Airbus often have specific requirements and preferences. They may choose Airbus for its reputation of producing high-quality, reliable, and technologically advanced aircraft. Additionally, Airbus offers a range of private jets that cater to various needs and budgets, ensuring that there is an option for every buyer.

Customization and Luxury

One of the reasons private individuals choose to buy aircraft from Airbus is the ability to customize the interior and amenities to their liking. Airbus provides luxurious cabin options that can be tailored to the individual’s preferences, allowing them to create a personalized and comfortable flying experience.

These customized interiors can include features such as spacious seating arrangements, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, luxurious materials, and advanced technology. Private individuals can work with Airbus or its authorized partners to create a unique and exclusive aircraft that meets their specific desires.

Efficiency and Performance

Airbus also appeals to private individuals due to the efficiency and performance of their aircraft. Private jets manufactured by Airbus are known for their fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and minimizing environmental impact. This can be particularly appealing to individuals who prioritize sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, Airbus aircraft are designed to provide excellent performance, allowing private individuals to travel long distances at high speeds comfortably. Features such as advanced avionics systems, ergonomic controls, and reliable engines contribute to the overall performance and reliability of Airbus aircraft.


While Airbus primarily focuses on selling to airlines, the company recognizes the demand from private individuals for luxury and customized private jets. Private individuals who are looking for a reliable, efficient, and personalized flying experience often turn to Airbus to fulfill their needs. With a wide range of options and the ability to customize, Airbus provides private individuals with the opportunity to own a high-quality and exclusive aircraft.

Aircraft Brokers

One of the key players in the aviation industry, Airbus, sells its aircraft to a wide range of customers. In addition to airlines and leasing companies, Airbus also works with aircraft brokers to facilitate the sales process and reach a broader customer base.

So, who are aircraft brokers and what role do they play in the sale of Airbus aircraft?

What is an Aircraft Broker?

An aircraft broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of aircraft. They play a crucial role in connecting potential buyers with the right aircraft and assisting in the negotiation and documentation process.

By understanding the specific needs and requirements of their clients, aircraft brokers can match them with the most suitable aircraft models offered by Airbus. They have access to a vast network of resources, including aircraft listings, market data, and industry contacts.

How do Aircraft Brokers Work with Airbus?

Aircraft brokers work closely with Airbus to streamline the sales process and ensure a successful transaction. They maintain strong relationships with Airbus sales representatives and have a deep understanding of the company’s product offerings.

When a client expresses interest in purchasing an Airbus aircraft, the broker will collaborate with Airbus to provide the necessary information, coordinate viewings, and assist with negotiations. They also help navigate the complexities of legal and financial aspects to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

Furthermore, aircraft brokers play a key role in marketing Airbus aircraft to potential buyers. Through their extensive network and industry expertise, they actively promote and showcase the features and benefits of Airbus aircraft.

In conclusion, aircraft brokers serve as valuable intermediaries in the sale of Airbus aircraft. They connect buyers with sellers, facilitate negotiations, and contribute to the marketing efforts of Airbus. Collaborating with aircraft brokers allows Airbus to reach a wider customer base and enhance the buying experience for potential buyers.

Flight Schools

Flight schools are an important customer segment for Airbus. Aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts turn to flight schools to receive the necessary training and qualifications to pursue a career in aviation. Airbus sells its aircrafts to flight schools that require reliable and advanced training aircrafts for their students.

A flight school typically offers various types of courses, including private pilot training, commercial pilot training, and instrument rating courses. These schools need aircrafts that are equipped with the latest technology and systems to ensure a comprehensive and modern training experience. Airbus provides flight schools with a range of aircraft options that meet these requirements.

By purchasing Airbus aircrafts, flight schools can offer their students high-quality training that is aligned with industry standards. The advanced features and capabilities of Airbus aircrafts enable aspiring pilots to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate through different flying conditions and scenarios.

In addition to selling aircrafts, Airbus also offers comprehensive training programs and support to flight schools. This includes technical training for instructors and maintenance personnel, as well as access to Airbus’ global network of customer support services. This ensures that flight schools have the necessary resources and assistance to operate and maintain their Airbus aircrafts efficiently.

Benefits of Airbus Aircrafts for Flight Schools

Airbus aircrafts offer several key benefits for flight schools:

  • Advanced technology and systems for a modern training experience
  • Reliability and safety features that meet industry standards
  • Efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Flexibility to cater to different training needs and requirements


Flight schools are an important customer segment for Airbus, and the company sells its aircrafts to these schools to meet their training needs. By providing reliable and advanced aircraft options, Airbus helps flight schools deliver high-quality training to aspiring pilots and contribute to the aviation industry.

Non-Profit Organizations

As a global aircraft manufacturer, Airbus sells its products to a wide range of customers, including non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations often use aircraft for humanitarian missions, disaster relief efforts, and other charitable purposes.

One of the main advantages of Airbus aircraft for non-profit organizations is their versatility. Airbus offers a wide range of aircraft that can be customized to meet the specific needs of these organizations. Whether it’s transporting medical supplies to remote areas or providing emergency transportation during natural disasters, Airbus aircraft are designed to deliver reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Furthermore, Airbus provides comprehensive support services to non-profit organizations, ensuring that their aircraft are well-maintained and optimized for their missions. This includes training programs for pilots and maintenance staff, as well as access to a global network of service centers and spare parts.

Examples of Non-Profit Organizations that Airbus Sells To

1. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) – This international medical humanitarian organization often relies on aircraft to reach remote and war-torn areas in need of medical assistance. Airbus aircraft, such as the A320 family and the A330, provide the necessary range and capacity for these missions.

2. The Red Cross – The Red Cross operates a fleet of aircraft for disaster response and relief efforts. Airbus’ versatile aircraft, such as the A350XWB and the A400M, can transport large quantities of relief supplies and provide logistical support during emergencies.


Non-profit organizations play a vital role in addressing global challenges and Airbus is proud to support their efforts by providing reliable and efficient aircraft. By partnering with non-profit organizations, Airbus contributes to improving the well-being of communities worldwide.

Non-Profit Organization Aircraft
Médecins Sans Frontières A320 family, A330
The Red Cross A350XWB, A400M

Emergency Medical Services

When it comes to emergency medical services, Airbus plays a crucial role in providing state-of-the-art aircraft solutions. The company, headquartered in Europe, sells helicopters to organizations and agencies that specialize in emergency medical services around the world.

So, who does Airbus sell to in the field of emergency medical services? Airbus sells its helicopters to hospitals, air ambulance operators, and government agencies responsible for emergency medical transportation. These customers rely on Airbus to provide them with reliable, safe, and efficient aircraft that are equipped to handle various medical emergencies.


Hospitals that have their own emergency medical services departments often invest in Airbus helicopters. These helicopters enable hospitals to quickly transport patients who require immediate medical attention to and from their facilities. Airbus helicopters are designed to operate in challenging environments, including urban areas and remote locations, making them a suitable choice for hospitals.

Air Ambulance Operators

Air ambulance operators are another group of customers that Airbus sells to. These operators provide vital emergency medical transportation services, often in remote or hard-to-reach areas. Airbus helicopters offer the speed, agility, and long-range capabilities required for air ambulance operations. They are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and infrastructure to ensure patients receive the care they need during transit.

Government Agencies

Government agencies responsible for emergency medical transportation also turn to Airbus for their helicopter needs. These agencies include national and local emergency medical services departments that require helicopters to quickly respond to emergencies and transport patients to appropriate medical facilities. Airbus helicopters provide these agencies with a reliable and efficient means of transportation in critical situations.

In conclusion, Airbus sells its helicopters to hospitals, air ambulance operators, and government agencies involved in emergency medical services. With their advanced technology and capabilities, Airbus helicopters are an integral part of providing effective emergency medical transportation to those in need.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies are one of the important customers that Airbus sells to. These agencies, including police departments, border patrol, and customs agencies, rely on Airbus’ advanced technology and expertise to enhance their operations in maintaining public safety and security.

Through its range of products and solutions, Airbus provides law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools to effectively carry out their duties. This includes state-of-the-art communication and data management systems, surveillance and intelligence gathering capabilities, as well as specialized aircraft and helicopters designed for law enforcement operations.

Communication and Data Management Systems

Airbus offers law enforcement agencies reliable and secure communication systems that enable seamless information sharing and coordination between different units and agencies. These systems ensure real-time communication, allowing law enforcement officers to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies and critical situations.

Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering Capabilities

Airbus’ surveillance and intelligence solutions equip law enforcement agencies with the ability to monitor and gather information on potential threats and criminal activities. This includes technologies such as high-resolution cameras, radar systems, and advanced software for analyzing and interpreting data. These tools enable law enforcement officers to detect illicit activities, track suspects, and gather evidence more effectively.

Additionally, Airbus provides training and support services to law enforcement agencies to ensure the proper implementation and utilization of these solutions. This allows agencies to maximize the benefits of Airbus’ products and enhance their overall operational efficiency.

Aircraft and Helicopters Description
Airbus H125 A versatile helicopter used for various law enforcement applications, including patrol, search and rescue operations.
Airbus H145 A multipurpose helicopter equipped with advanced mission systems, suitable for law enforcement missions such as airborne surveillance and traffic control.
Airbus A330 MRTT A military tanker aircraft that can also be utilized for law enforcement missions, offering long-range capabilities and the ability to conduct aerial refueling operations.

In conclusion, law enforcement agencies are an important customer base for Airbus. By providing communication systems, surveillance technologies, and specialized aircraft, Airbus supports these agencies in their efforts to maintain public safety and security.

Utility Operators

Utility operators are one of the key customers that Airbus sells its aircraft to. These operators specialize in providing various services for public and private sectors, such as air ambulance services, firefighting, and search and rescue missions.

Airbus offers a range of versatile aircraft that are well-suited for utility operations. The company’s helicopters, including the H125, H135, and H145 models, are particularly popular among utility operators due to their excellent performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Utility operators often require aircraft that can operate in challenging environments and perform specialized missions. Airbus helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features that enable them to navigate through difficult terrain, withstand extreme weather conditions, and carry out complex tasks effectively.

When working in the utility sector, safety is paramount. Airbus prioritizes safety in all its aircraft, incorporating advanced safety systems and structural designs. This ensures that utility operators can carry out their missions with confidence, knowing that they are flying trustworthy and secure aircraft.

Examples of Utility Operators

Utility operators around the world rely on Airbus aircraft for their diverse operations. Some notable examples include:

Operator Country Aircraft Model
Babcock Australasia Australia H145
Norsk Luftambulanse Norway H135
United Helicopters China H125

These are just a few examples, highlighting the global reach of Airbus and the trust utility operators place in their aircraft. As the demand for utility services continues to grow, Airbus remains committed to providing reliable and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of utility operators worldwide.

Search and Rescue Teams

When it comes to search and rescue operations, Airbus is a key supplier to various teams around the world. These teams rely on Airbus helicopters and aircraft to effectively carry out their life-saving missions. But who exactly does Airbus sell to in the search and rescue sector?

Airbus sells their search and rescue products to a wide range of organizations, including government agencies, military forces, and private companies. These customers trust Airbus to provide them with the reliable and high-performance solutions they need to successfully execute search and rescue missions.

Government agencies are among the primary customers for Airbus in the search and rescue sector. National coast guards and maritime authorities often turn to Airbus for their search and rescue needs. Airbus helicopters such as the H225 and H145 have proven to be valuable assets in naval operations and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to aid in locating and rescuing individuals in distress at sea.

Military forces also rely on Airbus aircraft for search and rescue missions. The versatility and capability of Airbus helicopters and aircraft make them suitable for a wide range of military applications, including search and rescue operations. With their ability to operate in various environments and conditions, Airbus products are trusted by military organizations worldwide.

In addition to government agencies and military forces, private companies specializing in search and rescue also depend on Airbus. These companies provide emergency medical services and aerial search and rescue support to communities in need. Airbus helicopters such as the H135 and H125 play a vital role in their operations, providing swift and efficient transportation for medical teams and equipment to reach remote or inaccessible areas.

In conclusion, Airbus sells their search and rescue products to government agencies, military forces, and private companies involved in emergency response operations. Their helicopters and aircraft are trusted by these organizations to perform critical search and rescue missions around the world.

Search and Rescue Customers
Government Agencies
Military Forces
Private Companies

Government VIP Transport

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer that sells its products to various customers worldwide. One of the key segments it caters to is the government VIP transport market. Governments around the world often require specialized aircraft for transporting their high-ranking officials and heads of state.

When it comes to government VIP transport, Airbus is a trusted choice for many countries. With its wide range of aircraft models, Airbus offers options that meet the specific requirements of government customers. These requirements may include features such as enhanced security systems, advanced communication capabilities, and custom interior designs.

The Benefits of Airbus Aircraft for Government VIP Transport

There are several reasons why governments choose to buy Airbus aircraft for VIP transport:

  • Reliability: Airbus aircraft are known for their reliability and robustness, which are crucial factors when it comes to transporting high-profile officials.
  • Comfort: Airbus aircraft are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious travel experience for VIP passengers, with spacious cabins and plush seating arrangements.
  • Range and Efficiency: Airbus offers a wide range of aircraft models with varying ranges, allowing governments to choose the one that best suits their travel requirements. These aircraft are also known for their fuel efficiency, resulting in cost savings for governments.
  • Customization: Airbus understands the unique needs of government customers and offers customization options to ensure that the aircraft meet their specific requirements and branding.

Government Customers Who Choose Airbus for VIP Transport

Many governments around the world have chosen Airbus aircraft for their VIP transport needs. These include:

– The United States: The US government operates various models of Airbus aircraft, including the Airbus A319 and A380, for VIP transport purposes.

– Germany: The German government uses Airbus aircraft such as the Airbus A340 for VIP transport.

– France: The French government has a fleet of Airbus aircraft, including the Airbus A330, A340, and A350, for VIP transport.

– United Arab Emirates: The UAE government utilizes Airbus aircraft like the Airbus A380 and A340 for VIP transport, reflecting their commitment to luxury and comfort.

These are just a few examples of the many governments who choose Airbus for their VIP transport requirements. Airbus’s reputation for reliability, comfort, and customization makes it a top choice for governments worldwide.

Firefighting Services

In addition to selling aircraft to commercial airlines, Airbus also offers specialized firefighting services. With their expertise in aviation and engineering, Airbus has developed firefighting aircraft that are specifically designed to combat forest fires and other natural disasters. These aircraft are equipped with advanced technology and firefighting systems, allowing them to efficiently and effectively control and extinguish fires.

When it comes to fighting fires, time is of the essence. Airbus firefighting aircraft can quickly respond to emergencies, thanks to their fast and efficient capabilities. They can be deployed to remote areas, where access by ground vehicles is limited, and provide immediate assistance in order to minimize the spread and damage caused by wildfires.

The firefighting aircraft offered by Airbus include helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, each with unique features and abilities. Helicopters can access hard-to-reach areas and perform precise water and foam drops, while fixed-wing aircraft are capable of carrying larger amounts of fire retardant or water and covering larger areas in a shorter period of time.

Through these specialized services, Airbus collaborates with firefighting agencies and organizations around the world to protect lives, property, and natural resources. Their commitment to innovation and safety enables them to provide effective solutions in the face of natural disasters.

Air Ambulance Providers

Air ambulance providers are a crucial segment of customers for Airbus, and the company sells their aircraft to meet the unique needs of these providers. They offer specialized air ambulance services to transport patients in medical emergencies over long distances or to remote areas.

Who does Airbus sell to in the air ambulance industry? The company sells their aircraft to various air ambulance providers around the world, including both private companies and government agencies. These providers rely on Airbus helicopters and planes to swiftly and safely transport patients to medical facilities.

Airbus offers a range of aircraft models suitable for air ambulance operations. They provide helicopters such as the H135 and H145, which have spacious cabins and are equipped with medical equipment necessary for critical care while in flight. These helicopters offer excellent maneuverability, allowing them to access challenging landing sites, and their reliability is crucial when every second counts.

Airbus also sells fixed-wing aircraft like the A320neo for air ambulance services. These planes can be converted into fully equipped medical units and have the capacity to transport multiple patients at once. They are equipped with advanced avionics systems and have a long range, making them ideal for long-distance medical evacuations.

By serving air ambulance providers, Airbus contributes to emergency medical services worldwide and helps save lives. Their aircraft play a vital role in delivering timely medical assistance to patients in need, especially in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

Benefits of Airbus Aircraft for Air Ambulance Providers:

  • Spacious cabins and medical equipment for critical care during flights
  • Maneuverability and access to challenging landing sites
  • Reliability for timely transport of patients
  • Convertible and flexible interiors to accommodate various medical needs
  • Advanced avionics systems for safe and efficient operations
  • Long range for long-distance medical evacuations

Airbus’s Commitment to Air Ambulance Providers:

Airbus continuously works closely with air ambulance providers to understand their evolving needs and develop aircraft solutions that meet these requirements. They collaborate with medical experts and operators to ensure their helicopters and planes are optimized for air ambulance operations.

Through their dedication to innovation and safety, Airbus strives to enhance the capabilities of air ambulance providers and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of critical medical services.

Regional Airlines

One of the key customer segments that Airbus sells its aircraft to is regional airlines. Regional airlines are smaller airlines that typically operate in specific geographic regions, focusing on short-haul flights within a country or between nearby countries.

These airlines have unique requirements and challenges compared to larger international airlines. They often have smaller budgets and need aircraft that are economical to operate and maintain. Additionally, regional airlines usually fly into smaller airports with shorter runways, requiring aircraft with good short takeoff and landing capabilities.

Airbus offers a range of aircraft models that cater to the needs of regional airlines. One popular option is the Airbus A220, a small-to-medium capacity aircraft that offers fuel efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. Another option is the ATR series, a family of turboprop aircraft that excel in short-haul operations and have a good track record in regional airline operations.

To sell to regional airlines, Airbus focuses on building relationships with key executives and decision-makers in these airlines. They understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by regional airlines and work closely with them to offer customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

In conclusion, regional airlines are an important customer segment for Airbus. The company sells its aircraft to these airlines by providing them with tailored solutions that address their specific requirements and challenges.

Low-cost Carriers

Low-cost carriers, commonly known as budget airlines or discount airlines, have become one of the major customers for Airbus. These airlines cater to price-conscious travelers by offering lower fares compared to traditional airlines, often by eliminating or charging extra for services that are considered add-ons in other airlines.

Who does Airbus sell to? They sell their aircraft to low-cost carriers all around the world, including well-known airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, and Wizz Air. These airlines have built their business models around offering affordable flights to a wide range of destinations.

For low-cost carriers, profitability relies heavily on keeping costs low and maximizing efficiency. Airbus aircraft like the A320 family have been popular choices for these airlines due to their fuel efficiency and operational flexibility. These aircraft allow low-cost carriers to operate short-haul flights efficiently, connecting smaller airports and serving popular tourist destinations.

Additionally, Airbus has introduced the A220 aircraft, specifically designed for the lower end of the market, which appeals to low-cost carriers. This aircraft offers improved range and fuel efficiency, allowing airlines to operate longer routes and expand their network.

With the continuous growth of the low-cost carrier market, Airbus continues to sell their aircraft to these airlines, enabling them to fulfill their mission of providing affordable air travel to a wide range of travelers.

Start-up Airlines

In addition to selling to established airlines, Airbus also sells to start-up airlines. These are new airlines that are just starting their operations. Start-up airlines may be formed by entrepreneurs who see an opportunity in the aviation industry or by existing companies looking to expand into the airline business.

Start-up airlines often face unique challenges as they enter a highly competitive market. They need to secure capital to finance the purchase of aircraft, establish routes, and build a customer base. Airbus offers its products and services to help these start-up airlines succeed.

By purchasing aircraft from Airbus, start-up airlines can benefit from the latest technological advancements and fuel efficiency, which can help them reduce operating costs. Airbus also provides training and support services to ensure that start-up airlines can operate their aircraft safely and efficiently.

Furthermore, Airbus understands the specific needs of start-up airlines and can tailor solutions to meet their requirements. Whether it’s providing a fleet of smaller aircraft for regional operations or larger aircraft for long-haul flights, Airbus has a range of products that can suit the needs of start-up airlines.

  • Airbus offers flexible financing options for start-up airlines to help them acquire aircraft.
  • Start-up airlines can also benefit from Airbus’ extensive network of maintenance and repair facilities.

In summary, Airbus sells to start-up airlines, providing them with the necessary products, services, and support to establish and grow their operations in the highly competitive aviation industry.

Cargo Carriers

When it comes to cargo carriers, Airbus sells its aircraft to a wide range of customers worldwide. These customers include cargo airlines, logistics companies, and even governments who require the transportation of goods and supplies.

Airbus offers a variety of cargo aircraft models that are specifically designed for efficient and reliable cargo transportation. These include the Airbus A330-200F, Airbus A330-300F, Airbus A350-900F, and the Airbus BelugaXL.

Cargo carriers choose Airbus aircraft due to their advanced technology, fuel efficiency, capacity, and cargo-handling capabilities. Airbus cargo aircraft are known for their ability to carry heavyweight items such as machinery, perishable goods, and oversized cargo.

With the growing demand for air cargo transportation, Airbus continues to innovate and develop new aircraft models that cater to the specific needs of cargo carriers. These advancements help cargo carriers streamline their operations, reduce costs, and ensure the timely delivery of goods to their destinations.

Overall, Airbus is a trusted partner for cargo carriers around the world, providing them with reliable and efficient aircraft that meet their evolving requirements for cargo transportation.

Agricultural Operators

Airbus does sell to agricultural operators, providing them with specialized aircraft for various tasks related to agriculture. These aircraft are equipped with advanced technologies and features that allow them to efficiently and effectively perform agricultural operations.

Who are these agricultural operators that Airbus sells to? They are individuals, companies, or organizations involved in activities such as crop dusting, aerial spraying, planting, and monitoring of crops. These operators rely on Airbus aircraft to carry out their operations in a timely and effective manner.

Aircraft for Agricultural Operations

Airbus offers a range of aircraft specifically designed and adapted for agricultural purposes. These aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools to meet the unique requirements of agricultural operators.

Helicopters: Airbus helicopters are widely used by agricultural operators due to their versatility and maneuverability. They can be equipped with spraying systems, allowing operators to apply fertilizers, pesticides, and other treatments to crops with precision and efficiency.

Fixed-wing aircraft: Airbus also offers fixed-wing aircraft that are suitable for various agricultural tasks. These aircraft can be used for crop dusting, aerial surveying, and other operations that require covering large areas of land quickly.

Benefits of Airbus Aircraft for Agricultural Operators

By choosing Airbus aircraft, agricultural operators can benefit from:

  1. Efficiency: Airbus aircraft are designed to optimize the productivity of agricultural operations, allowing operators to cover larger areas in less time.
  2. Precision: The advanced technology onboard Airbus aircraft enables operators to apply treatments with precision, minimizing waste and maximizing effectiveness.
  3. Safety: Airbus prioritizes safety in the design and manufacturing of their aircraft, providing operators with reliable and secure platforms for their operations.
  4. Flexibility: Airbus aircraft can be adapted to meet the specific needs and requirements of agricultural operators, allowing them to carry out a wide range of tasks efficiently.
  5. Sustainability: Airbus is committed to environmental sustainability, and their aircraft are designed with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions in mind, minimizing the environmental impact of agricultural operations.

In conclusion, Airbus does sell to agricultural operators, offering them specialized aircraft that meet their unique needs and requirements. These aircraft provide operators with the tools and capabilities to carry out agricultural operations efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

North American Airlines

In North America, Airbus sells its aircraft to a wide range of airlines. Some of the major North American airlines that purchase Airbus aircraft include:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • WestJet

These airlines, along with many others, recognize the quality and performance of Airbus aircraft. With their advanced technology, fuel efficiency, and modern design, Airbus planes are a popular choice for North American airlines looking to enhance their fleets and provide a comfortable and reliable travel experience for their passengers.

Furthermore, Airbus has a strong presence in North America, with production facilities in the United States. This allows for efficient delivery and support services, ensuring that airlines have access to the necessary resources to operate their Airbus aircraft seamlessly.

Overall, the North American market plays a significant role in Airbus’s global sales, and the company continues to attract a diverse range of airlines in the region who appreciate the value and benefits that Airbus aircraft offer.

European Airlines

Airbus is a global manufacturer of commercial aircraft, selling its planes to various airlines around the world. In Europe, Airbus has a strong presence and sells its aircraft to many leading airlines in the region.

One of the major European airlines that Airbus sells to is Lufthansa. Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. They operate a fleet of Airbus aircraft, including the A320, A330, A350, and A380.

Another prominent European airline that buys Airbus planes is British Airways. British Airways is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom and one of the largest airlines in Europe. They have a substantial fleet of Airbus aircraft, such as the A320, A321, A380, and the newly introduced A350.

Air France is another important customer for Airbus. As the flag carrier airline of France, Air France operates a diverse fleet of aircraft, including a significant number of Airbus planes. They fly various models, ranging from the A320 family to the larger A340 and A350 aircraft.

Other European airlines that buy Airbus planes include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), and Turkish Airlines. These airlines have a significant number of Airbus aircraft in their fleets, offering reliable and efficient air travel services across Europe and beyond.

In Conclusion

Airbus sells its planes to a wide range of European airlines, including Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), and Turkish Airlines. These airlines rely on Airbus aircraft to provide safe and comfortable flights to passengers traveling within Europe and to destinations around the world.

Asian Airlines

Asian airlines are some of the major customers of Airbus. With the growing aviation industry in Asia, Airbus has been able to tap into this market and sell their aircraft to various airlines in the region.

Airlines in East Asia

In East Asia, Airbus sells to airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Air China. These airlines operate a large fleet of Airbus aircraft, including models like the A320, A330, and A350.

Airlines in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, Airbus has secured customers like Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, and Malaysia Airlines. These airlines have chosen Airbus aircraft like the A380, A350, and A320 for their long-haul and short-haul operations.

Airlines in South Asia

South Asian airlines also form a significant customer base for Airbus. Airlines like IndiGo, Air India, and SriLankan Airlines have opted for Airbus aircraft like the A320neo and A321neo for their domestic and international flights.

In conclusion, Asian airlines play a crucial role in Airbus’ customer base. With a diverse range of airlines operating in different parts of Asia, Airbus continues to sell its aircraft to meet the growing demands of this region.

Australian Airlines

As part of its global reach, Airbus sells to various airlines around the world, including Australian airlines. Australian airlines have long been customers of Airbus, relying on the company’s innovative aircraft to serve their domestic and international routes.

Qantas Airways

One of the major Australian airlines that Airbus sells to is Qantas Airways. Qantas, which stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, operates a large fleet of Airbus aircraft. The airline has been a loyal customer of Airbus, purchasing various models such as the A380, A330, and A320 to cater to their long-haul and short-haul flights.

Virgin Australia

Another significant Australian airline that Airbus sells to is Virgin Australia. Virgin Australia operates a modern fleet of Airbus aircraft that includes the A330 and A320 models. The airline utilizes these aircraft to connect major cities within Australia as well as international destinations in the Pacific and beyond.

These are just a few examples of the Australian airlines that Airbus sells to. The company’s commitment to delivering safe, efficient, and technologically advanced aircraft makes it a preferred choice for many airlines around the world, and Australian airlines are no exception.

African Airlines

Airbus sells their aircraft to a number of African Airlines. Some of the major African airlines that purchase Airbus aircraft include Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, EgyptAir, Kenya Airways, and Air Algerie, among others.

These airlines choose to buy Airbus planes due to their reliability, efficiency, and passenger comfort. Airbus offers a range of aircraft models to suit the needs of African airlines, from single-aisle planes like the A320 family to long-range wide-body jets like the A350 XWB.

African airlines often use Airbus planes for both domestic and international routes, taking advantage of their versatility. Airbus aircraft allow African airlines to connect various cities and countries within Africa, as well as fly to destinations around the world.

Furthermore, Airbus maintains a strong presence in Africa through their local offices and partnerships. This enables them to provide support and services to African airlines, ensuring that their planes are well-maintained and efficient.

In summary, African airlines are among the many customers that Airbus sells their aircraft to. These airlines appreciate the quality and reliability of Airbus planes for their operations and the seamless connectivity they provide within Africa and beyond.

Middle Eastern Airlines

In the Middle East, Airbus sells its aircraft to a variety of airlines. Some of the major Middle Eastern airlines that purchase Airbus aircraft include Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways. These airlines operate a diverse fleet of Airbus planes, including the popular A380 and A350 models.

Emirates, based in Dubai, is one of the largest customers of Airbus. The airline has a significant fleet of A380s, which it operates on long-haul routes to destinations around the world. Qatar Airways, based in Doha, also has a large fleet of Airbus aircraft, including A350s and A380s.

Etihad Airways, another major Middle Eastern airline, has a strong partnership with Airbus. The airline has a large fleet of Airbus planes, including A320s, A330s, and A380s. These aircraft are used to serve both short-haul and long-haul routes.

Other Middle Eastern airlines that purchase Airbus aircraft include Saudia, Oman Air, and Kuwait Airways. These airlines benefit from the efficiency, reliability, and passenger comfort offered by Airbus aircraft. Airbus continues to be a popular choice among Middle Eastern airlines due to its commitment to innovation, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service.


Who are Airbus’ main customers?

Airbus’ main customers are airlines, both large and small, from all around the world. They sell their aircraft to a variety of customers, including full-service carriers, low-cost airlines, and charter airlines.

Does Airbus mainly sell to commercial airlines?

Yes, Airbus mainly sells their aircraft to commercial airlines. However, they also have customers in other sectors, such as governmental and military organizations, as well as private individuals and corporate jet operators.

Which countries buy the most Airbus aircraft?

The countries that buy the most Airbus aircraft vary from year to year. However, some of the largest customers in recent years have been countries like the United States, China, and the countries in the Middle East.

Does Airbus sell to any budget airlines?

Yes, Airbus sells their aircraft to a number of budget airlines around the world. In fact, they have developed a specific line of aircraft called the Airbus A320neo family, which is designed to cater to the needs of low-cost carriers.

Are there any airlines that exclusively buy Airbus aircraft?

Yes, there are several airlines that have chosen to exclusively buy Airbus aircraft. One example is AirAsia, a low-cost carrier based in Malaysia that operates a fleet of only Airbus planes.

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